Episode 12

Our podcast Rags To Resale is BACK!! With our new series we call 'Posh Famous'.

Published on: 10th February, 2023

Today we talk to @Irka9 about Posh Show Lives!! Posh Shows started around October 2022 with beta testers. We were 1 of 50 beta testers chosen! There were a lot of bumps to overcome. @Irka9 and Megan discuss the bumps, we where we are now and where we might be going with Posh Shows!

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About the Podcast

Rags To Resale
Reseller experts talk challenges, successes, brands, algorithms, celebrity thrifters, and more
25+ year reseller, Megan Morris, and her business partner of the Posh Pro Project, Gemma Piscotti, will chat about all things resale. Overcoming challenges, how to succeed, being your own boss, where to sell, organization of inventory, what to buy, brands that sell, how to shop, how to make inventory look like new, fast fashion, eco fashion, sustainability, EVERYTHING! We will also have special guests such as other resellers, celebrities who thrift, vintage jewelry experts, famous poshers and more!
For more insights on all things resale from Megan Morris and the Posh Pro Project:
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About your hosts

Megan Morris

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Megan Morris had a career in marketing and tv production while having her reseller side hustle for over 25 years. Coupling her deep insight in reselling with her creative genius we bring you videos that go beyond the free Youtube tutorials. Megan teaches you how and where to shop, how to close the sale. how to work the platforms algorithms, business strategies, organization strategies, fix-it/DIY tutorials and more!!

Gemma Piscotti

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Gemma Piscotti has started up and directed multiple companies in her career from digital media to the medical industry. She resigned from her recent role in July 2021 to partner with her friend Megan to bring this project to life. She wants to empower women to be their own boss, how to overcome challenges in business and to help make this a better world through resale.